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Computer Classes


The library offers many types of computer classes. Below is a list of descriptions of the classes we offer. Please check the Events Calendar to see the locations and dates of our computer classes.


Classes for Laptop/Desktop Users


1. Mouse and Keyboard Basics

This class is designed for participants who need to learn basic navigation skills using the mouse and the keyboard on a personal computer (PC)


2. Basic Computer Skills

This class is for participants who know very little or nothing about computers. It includes discussion of various computer systems and their components, navigation tools (the mouse and keyboard functions), and common computer terminologies. 


Prior to attending any of the classes below, participants should have already attended the Basic Computer Skills class and must know how to use the mouse and the keyboard. These are designed for participants who have little or no knowledge or skills in the discussed topics.


3. Beginning Internet

Topics include obtain access to the internet, familiarize with internet-related terminologies and find information online using different methods. 


4. Google Searching

Topics include utilize a variety of helpful features (calculator, measurement converter, etc.) other than simply looking for information online using the Google search engine. 


5. Google Docs Basics

Participants must have a Gmail account and must know their login (Gmail address and password). Discussion topics include create a new Google Docs document, change font and paragraph format, print & save documents, and open existing/saved document for viewing or editing.


6. Beginning Microsoft Word

Topics include familiarize with Word interface (the quick access tool bar, menu tabs, the ribbon, etc.) and learn commonly used features in a word processor – create a new document, open, edit, format, print and save existing documents. 


7. Beginning Microsoft Excel

Topics include familiarize with Excel interface (the quick access tool bar, menu tabs, the ribbon, etc.), learn basic features and functions in Excel - create new workbook, format cells, add/remove columns/rows and utilize functions to perform simple arithmetic calculations.


8. Beginning Microsoft PowerPoint

Participants learn to create PowerPoint presentation using the existing designs available from the Microsoft PowerPoint program or design their own PowerPoint presentation slides.


9. Beginning Microsoft Publisher

Participants learn to create different types of publication (flyer, signage, invitation card, etc.) using the available templates from Publisher software or design their own.


Classes for Mobile Device Users


Participants must bring their own device(s) to the following classes


1. Mobile 101

Topics include learn to use must-know basic apps (preinstalled apps), change important settings, and install new apps as needed.


2. Learning Languages with Rosetta Stone

Participants must have a valid email address and a library card in good standing. Instructor will assist participants with downloading the Rosetta Stone app to their mobile devices (laptop, tablet or smartphone), creating an account with Rosetta Stone, and accessing it FREE from the library.


3. Accessing the Library Digital Collections

Participants must have a library card in good standing. Discussion topics include install required app(s) (Libby, by the OverDrive and/or Hoopla) to their mobile devices for the first time, understand library borrowing procedures and policy, and download borrowed title(s) to their mobile device(s).


4. Photoshop Express

Participants must have an Adobe, Facebook or Google account to use the app. Instructions provided only include FREE features from the app. Instructor will assist participants with downloading the app.