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Stockton Blooms: the San Joaquin County Seed Lending Library

Now you can check out seeds at the Library.  The San Joaquin County Seed Lending Library, housed at the Chavez Central Library, has seeds you can check out and plant in your garden.  After your plants produce you can save the seeds and return them for others to borrow. Seeds available through the Library include vegetables, herbs and ornamentals (flowers).


You don't have to have a library card to check out seeds, and we won't charge overdue fines if you don't return them.  Seeds will be available whenever the Chavez Central Library is open.


All you need to do is come to the Chavez Library and fill out a Seed Library registration form.  Then choose the plants you want to grow, get some seed and enter that information on the registration form.  Then take your seeds home and get growing!


If you wish to save seed, we encourage you to start with the "easy" plants.  These are plants whose seeds are easiest to collect and save, and are not likely to cross-pollinate and cause unexpected results for the next generation of plants. 


We especially encourage neighbors to come together to garden and grow fresh food for their families.  Our hope is that this program will help make San Joaquin County a healthier place to live.