Career Online High SchoolBanner - Looking for a GED Alternative? Earn your high school diploma and career certificate online!

The library is pleased to announce an exciting new opportunity for patrons looking to get their high school diploma! Career Online High School is an accredited organization that offers students the chance to earn not only a high school diploma, but also a career certificate in one of eight interesting field. To begin, simply complete the Are You Ready Survey and you may be chosen to receive a scholarship from the library.


Frequently Asked Questions:

What is Career Online High School (COHS)?

COHS is an online, self-paced program that offers adults over 19 years old the chance to complete their high school education. For more information, please visit 


Who is eligible to enroll in COHS?

All San Joaquin county residence are welcome to apply if they are over 19 years old. However, space is limited and the selection process includes an in-person interview at Cesar Chavez Central Library.


What type of classes and programs are offered?

COHS offers classes in Language Arts, Social Studies, Math, and Science. Students are also required to enroll in career certificate courses that include the following areas of focus:

  • Child Care & Education
  • Certified Protection Officer
  • Certified Transportation Services
  • Office Management
  • Homeland Security
  • General Career Preparation/Professional Skills
  • Retail Customer Service Skills
  • Food and Customer Service Skills


How much does the program cost?

The program is free of charge!


How long does the program take to finish?

Students are given 18 months to complete the program. If a student submits his or her high school transcript and is able to transfer credits, the process my take as little as five months.


Where can I go if I need help with the classes?

COHS offers Academic Coaching to help students succeed in their classes. The local library also offers library patrons use of computers or laptops as well as a number of print materials and databases that may help a struggling student.


Do I have to go to the library for classes?

Absolutely not. Students are always welcome to use library services to do their work but they are not required to visit the library except for the initial interview.


Do I need a library card?

Yes, students need a valid library card to register for courses.