Library Volunteers

Shelving books, cleaning book jackets, straightening books and many other jobs help the library staff provide excellent service to patrons.


If you would like to volunteer to help, visit a library near you or call the Library call center:

(209) 937-8221 from Stockton

(866) 805-READ (7323) from San Joaquin County


Tutoring Opportunities

Reading and Math are valuable life skills. You may be able to make a difference by giving your time to help.


If you are interested in teaching reading skills, our Literacy Services needs adult volunteers to tutor adult learners. Call (209) 937-7778 for more information.

We are looking for volunteer tutors who:

  • are at least 18 years of age;
  • are able to read and write competently in English;
  • will commit to volunteering for 3 hours a week for a 6 month minimum;
  • will be fingerprinted;
  • will attend tutor orientation, training, and other tutor in-service workshops.

Please contact the Adult Literacy program office to begin making a difference in someone's life by helping them learn to read. (209) 937-7778


Several of our branches offer Math tutoring to younger students. If you are interested in this type of volunteer work you are encouraged to call the library nearest you to see what opportunities are available.

(209) 937-8221 from Stockton

(866) 805-READ (7323) from San Joaquin County


Book Sale Help

Volunteers to work at the book store of the Friends of the Stockton Public Library are needed. Call (209) 476-9033 for more information. Other book sales in the county may need volunteers. Call (866) 805-READ (7323)  for more information.