Fees and Fines


Replacement Library Cards:  
Adult (per card) $2.00
Children & teens (per card) $1.00
Restocking Fee:  
Reserved Materials not picked up (per item) $1.00
Overdue Materials:  
Adult Materials (per day)  $0.25
Juvenile and Teen Materials (per day) $0.00
Link + (per day)  $1.00
        Devices (per day)


Fine Block Limit (check-out, computer use)    

 $10.00 or 30 days

Lost or Damaged Books

Replacement Cost 
Lost or Damaged Link+ Items Up to $115.00
Collection Agency Limit  $25.00 Balance ($15.00 Service fee added)
Interlibrary Loan Request (per item) $5.00
Copies/Computer Printouts  
Copier (per page)  $0.15
Computer print-out, black and white (per page)  $0.10
Computer print-out, color (per page)



$1.00 per page

Microfilm copy (per copy)  $0.10

Free of charge to USB or Email.

Copies:    B/W - $0.10 Color - $0.50


Actual Cost

Lanyard Actual Cost

Earbud/Lanyard Combo

Actual Cost

Flash Drives

Actual Cost

Tote Bags

Actual Cost

Meeting Room Rental (Stockton Libraries - other fees may apply):


Non-profit organizations (per booking)

Library Meeting Rooms in the City of Stockton Libraries may be used by non-profit or community groups at no cost.  All such meetings must be open to the public. The Library must not serve as the headquarters of any group.  Cannot be booked more than 45 days in advance. Other charges may apply.

No Charge

Commercial & all other organizations (per booking)  $35.00/hr
Meeting room cleaning deposit (per booking)  $100.00
Cancellation fee - notice 15 days or less  $25.00
Meeting Rooms (Other Cities)  Contact Library