The Stockton - San Joaquin County Public Library System offers many services to meet your computer needs.


Reserving a Computer

Computer use at the Library is on a first-come, first-served basis. However, patrons who wish to use a computer at a specific time during library hours are welcome to make a reservation. A library card number and PIN are required to reserve public PCs. Once the reserved time begins, patrons have seven minutes to login to the corresponding computer. If the patron does not login during this time the workstation will revert to available status.


Public PCs

Patrons may use public PCs for one hour per day per branch. Online access and word processing are available at each workstation, in addition to software such as Microsoft PowerPoint, Excel, and Publisher. Some branches offer workstations exclusively for younger patrons, located in the Children's section. If a workstation is available you may use it without a reservation. However, the reservation option is recommended.


Following your allotted hour you have the option to continue using the public PC until another patron makes a reservation. If a reservation is made you will receive a two minute warning, allowing time to save your work before the computer shuts down and reboots for the next patron. If a reservation has been made for your workstation you will not have the option to continue working past your hour.


It is also important to keep in mind you cannot save your work to the hard drive on public PCs. Patrons who wish to save documents, pictures, etc., must do so using a flash drive or other external media. If you do not have such a device you may purchase a flash drive for $10 at the circulation desk in your branch.


Library Catalog


Word processing and databases

Many branches offer workstations exclusively for word processing and/or access to our collection of online databases. These may not be reserved and do not have a time limit for use.


If you have questions about using the public PCs, Library Catalog, word processing, or databases, reference staff are available to assist you during hours of operation.


Using the Print Station

When you print a document, picture, etc., the print job will go to the Print Station, located on a separate computer. You may send a number of print jobs at one time, eliminating the need to make multiple trips between the public PCs and printer. The cost to print is $0.10 per page for black & white copies, and $0.50 a page for color copies. Individual print jobs cannot exceed $5. You may load extra money onto your library account for printing, but no more than $6 at one time. The Print Station cannot give change. If exact change is required you may inquire at the circulation desk. Other questions about printing may be directed to the reference staff.