Welcome to the SSJCPL Wireless Printing Services


You can send your print job(s) to the SSJCPL printers wirelessly from any computers or any wireless devices (laptop, tablet or smartphone) using one of the following methods.

  1. Printing Through the SSJCPL Site
  2. Printing Using the PrinterOn App

Note: your computer/device must have WiFi capability and internet or data service.


Printing Through the SSJCPL Site

  • Go to the SSJCPL home page (www.ssjcpl.org) and click on the wi-fi printing icon  at the bottom of the page. You’ll be directed to the Web Printing Service Page (see image below).


  • In the 1st gray box (left), select one of the available printers (Note: there currently are only 2 printers, and they are on the 2nd floor of the Chavez Central Library).
  • In the 2nd gray box (middle), type your name or library card number (Note: library card is not required).
  • In the 3rd gray box (right), type the path to your file (not recommended unless you know the correct path) or enter the URL (eg. https://www.irs.gov/pub/irs-pdf/f1040.pdf). Otherwise, tap on the “Browse…” button, locate the file you want to print from the File Upload popup window, and click on “Open”.
  • Once the file is uploaded and shown in the “File or URL” box, click on the play button .
  • On the next screen, change your printing options, such as number of copies or specific page number(s) to be printed, as needed and then click on the play button  again (see image below).

  • Tap on the green printer icon on the next screen (it may take up to a minute for the printer icon to appear depending on the size of your print job and connection speed).



  • Once you get a confirmation page for your print job (see image below), go to the printer location that you selected earlier to collect your print job(s).


Printing Using the PrinterOn App 



  • Download the app from the Google Play (Android OS) or from the App Store (iOS).
  • Tap on “Open” once the downloading is completed.
  • On the PrinterOn App home screen, you can select one of the following options.



1. Tap on “Documents” or “Photos” option to print document(s) or photo(s) stored on your device.

2. Select “Web” option to print web page(s) from a specific web site.

Note: if you want to print a form in pdf format using the Web option on PrinterOn, the form may be smaller than the actual size as shown on the print preview screen, and there is no option to adjust the size. Thus, it's better to download the form onto your device directly from the web browser; then use the “Documents” option on PrinterOn app to print it.

3. Tap on “Email” option to print email message(s) from your setup email. This option is only available on iOS devices, not on Android OS.


a. PrinterOn app will ask for access to your documents or photos on your device (see images below), and you must allow it; otherwise, you can’t print your documents or photos.


b. If you choose “Email” option (again it’s only available for iOS devices) for the first time, tap on the + sign (see left image below) at the bottom of the screen, select the email service provider of your email account, and enter a valid email address. Finally, tap on the check mark on the upper right corner (see arrow on the right email below) to confirm.



Otherwise, select the email address (see left image below) and allow PrinterOn access to your email inbox (see right image below).



Once you’ve granted your email access to PrinterOn, your email message(s) from your inbox will appear on the next screen.


Tap on one of the messages to view its content.


  • If your device is an iOS, tap on the printer icon on the upper right corner of the screen when you’re ready to print. The print preview will be displayed on the next screen.

  • On the Preview page, you can tap on the print options icon (see arrow on image below) to change the print settings, but there are very limited options; for example, you can change the number of copies (default value is 1) or the page orientation (portrait or landscape).


  • If you’re happy with what looks like on the Preview page, tap on the Print button at the bottom of the screen (see image below). However, if no printer has been selected previously, you must select a printer by tapping on the “No Printer Selected” button at the bottom of the screen (see red arrow on image below).



  • Again, tap on “Allow” button to grant PrinterOn access to your location (see image below).



  • Tap on the “Location” option at the bottom of the map (see red arrow on image below). A list of available printers through PrinterOn will appear on the map.
  • Tap on one of those printer icons on the map, and it’ll show how many printers are available at that location. For example, if you tap on the printer icon over STOCKTON location, there are 2 printers available.



  • Tap on the blue letter “i” inside the little circle (see green arrow on image above) and select one of the printers. The detailes information of the selected printer will be shown on the next screen.
  • Tap on the check mark on the upper right corner of this “Printer Details” screen to confirm the selection.


  • On the next screen, enter a name or card number so that you can later identify on the printer kiosk and then tap on the check mark on the upper right corner on image below.


  • In less than a minute you’ll see a confirmation banner on your screen with the message “Job Success.”


  • Go to the location of the printer you selected earlier and enter the name or card number on the printer kiosk to retrieve your print job(s).